A launcher to master them all

The CS:GO Multilauncher has been created for the community by the community. It suits the needs of any competitive or casual player in the scene.


The launcher is made by long-time community members who played the game and use the launcher for personal use.

Quick bug solving

Although our team is small, we will try to fix the bugs that we discover soon enough not to disturb our users.

Experienced team

Our programmer team knows what the scene has been demanding, and we have included it in our program.

Launcher full of features

Carefully coded to adapt to any circumstance.


Light Weight

No config files, the application saves its information in the Windows registry.


No setup needed, only one executable that runs it all. Place it wherever you want, we got you covered.


It does not modify any game, anticheat or application file, so it is completely VAC safe.

Same performance

The launcher will not slow down your computer, it runs only the needed tasks in every moment.

Supports the most used services of CS multiplayer

The application supports the main services used by the community, such as FACEIT, ESEA, CEVO... And it uses all the available API's* to help the user and automate as far as possible the process of playing a match.

*Not every service provides a public API that we could implement. If you find one feel free to contact us.

Browse through our interface

Our interface is designed to customise the users' experience as much as possible*. *Keep in mind that not all platforms offer a public API feature.

Download the launcher for free now!

Download our launcher for free right now! Our only source of income are the ads that you see in this website and the download, please do not use AdBlock.

Can we help you? Contact us!

If you found any bug in the application or you have any suggestion that we can introduce to improve our software, feel free to tell us!

E-Mail: contact@raulbalanza.me